Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not for Ourselves

At one of our recent team meetings, we had to go around the room and say something we enjoyed about our team.  After hearing the responses, I realized I was very proud to be on this team, and I also realized that these things have always been what I enjoyed about playing softball.  Here are a few of the answers:

-Teammates:  This seems like a fairly straightforward response, but it does have a lot of meaning.  A team full of people that don't enjoy being around each other is never going to function properly.  Constant drama is not conducive to good play in a team sport.  Fortunately for us, we're a group of fun people that get along great together.

-Individuality:  Even though we all get along and play well together, we each have unique personalities and talents that make us important to the team.  We couldn't function without each person on the team, and it wouldn't be as much fun without each individual personality.

-Being a part of something bigger than ourselves:  This is something that people in individual sports just don't get.  We're not in this for records or statistics other than the team ones.  Sure, we check our stats every now and then, but only to make sure we're helping our team the best that we can.  We play for our team and our school.  I think that makes winning so much more satisfying, and, at times, it can make losing less painful.

-Playing for the people next to you, not just yourself:  When our team is playing well, it's a full team effort.  Everyone gets up to cheer and encourage everyone else.  When someone makes an error, we show her support and then go out and make the next play.  We pick each other up on offense and praise each other for a job well done.  There's nothing more exciting than seeing us come together to win a game, and that has especially paid off this year.  We've finally made the conference tournament, and we hope to continue playing this game we love as a team.

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